2018 Conference

2nd Annual Technology of Today and Tomorrow Student Conference

Saturday, February 3rd 2018. 8am - 5pm, in the Simularium (E2 180)

After a great success with the inaugural Technologies of Today and Tomorrow Student Conference, UCSC IEEE is proud to present the 2nd Annual Triple T (TTT).

This year we aim to repeat our success of last time while also expanding the conference by increasing attendance and bringing in speakers from academia to talk about research and career opportunities outside of the traditional tech world.

Our corporate participants at the conference will help inspire and influence UCSC students in creating the technology of tomorrow. Participating companies will have the chance to connect with UCSC engineering student body and IEEE student members. Our event is an opportunity to network with prospective future interns and employees.

If you're interested in sponsoring and/or presenting at our 2018 Conference please filled out the forms below or send an e-mail to ieee@soe.ucsc.edu 

You can also purchase tickets on Venmo. Simply include a note with your full name and UCSC email, along with a payment of $22 to @UCSCIEEE on Venmo.

Make this event a reality by becoming a presenter or sponsor!

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