UCSC IEEE is excited to be hosting the 1st ever Hack-y-thon! This competition was born out of the the “Shitty Robot” initiative headed by Tested’s Simone Giertz! Hack-y-thon aims to bring together the speed and passion of a hack-a-thon, with a creative environment that doesn’t have the suffocating pressure to succeed.

“...sucking at something is the first step to being sorta good at something.”
-Jake the Dog, Adventure Time

Hack-y-thon will rewards lofty ideas, risk taking, and stepping outside your comfort zone. We hope to bring teams together to enjoy the spirit of creation.

Let’s make something ridiculous! 

Saturday May 27, 2017
Participant Registration Form Each participant must register.

Hack-y-thon FAQ

What is a Hack-y-thon?
The hack-y-thon is a unique event held by the UCSC IEEE Student Branch which aims to embrace failure in a community without stigma. At the hack-y-thon we aim to celebrate ideas. We want participants to shoot for the stars and land in Capitola.

Who can Participate?
For our first year, participation is open only to current UCSC students. We hope that in future years we can open registration to other students, IEEE members, and the Santa Cruz community at large.
Participants without a team can register to be added to an existing team.
Each team members must fill out this registration form.
Teams must be in groups of 3 or 4. Partners/Individuals can be matched to create a 3/4-person team. Matched teams will be notified before the event.

General Rules?
The hack-y-thon will be run similarly to other hack-a-thon type events. Teams of 3-4 members will be given a time limit and a problem to solve with their robot. Teams are encouraged to solve this problem in whatever way they choose as long as they follow our terms and conditions and our code of conduct. At the end of the competition, winners will be announced based on the judging criteria.

Is there a cost?
There will be a fee for each team participating in the event, but that cost depends directly on sponsorship and other fundraising opportunities.
Registration cost will be $15 per person and is not refundable after registration closes--see Hack-y-thon Terms & Conditions. Payment will secure your spot.

Are there awards/prizes?
Short answer? Yes. Long answer? YYYYEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS, but we aren’t releasing specifics on this until closer to the event date. We want this event to be spontaneous and for each build to be focused on reacting to the prompt and not on the best way to receive an award.

How do I sign up?
Set up your team and apply using this google form, by May 17th. We will review all applicants and will announce participants after this date.

How can I keep up to date on UCSC Hack-y-thon news?
The best way to keep in touch is to check back here at the Hack-y-thon website, sign up for our mailing list, and join the Facebook Event. We will send updates periodically to keep you up-to-date with everything terrible, well robots specifically.

What if I would like to be a judge?
The hack-y-thon is currectly accepting submissions to judge the event and if you would like to get involved please email ieee@soe.ucsc.edu

What if I would like to be a sponsor?
Sponsorship is crucial to the success of this event and UCSC IEEE would love to speak to you about how you and your company can get involved in this unique event. Please submit this form, UCSC Hack-y-thon Sponsorship.