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The conference is now over! A big thanks to all our sponsors and speakers!

Adam Blum (OpenEd)

Adam Blum has been CEO, CTO and VP of Engineering of several successful startups with over $600 million in exits. He is the author of several computer science texts and has been an adjunct professor at UC Berkeley and Carnegie Mellon. His last startup OpenEd uses machine learning to align instructional videos to learning objectives. OpenEd is used by all major learning management systems to provide instructional resources to students and sold to the ACT exam in April of this year. He is now working on a new Santa Cruz-based stealth startup Deep Learn which provides a higher level framework that facilitates building machine learning apps quickly. Adam will present on some of the most difficult problems in building machine learning-based applications today. Both for more common classification and prediction applications. But also for more recent reinforcement learning-based apps He will also show a demo of the Deep Learn framework for accelerating prediction and classification apps.

Ken Karakotsios (Pearl Automation)

About Ken Ken Karakotsios leads the Data Operations team at Pearl Automation, a Scotts Valley startup adding intelligence to cars on the road today. Previously he led the Computer Vision Research Group at Amazon, founded two software startups, developed the award-winning game SimLife, and designed computers and ASICs at Apple. Ken earned a BS in Electrical Engineering with Honors from Purdue, and holds over 40 patents in interaction technology. About Pearl Automation Pearl was founded on the belief that all drivers should have access to the latest car features. Our first product, RearVision, is the only wireless backup camera and alert system - it installs in minutes, provides obstacle alerts and updates automatically to deliver ongoing feature enhancements.

Emily Coker (Google X)

Emily Coker is a "multipotentialite" who is passionate about empowering herself and others through hands-on learning and making. When not creating projects for the masses, she can be spotted tinkering around in her shop futzing with electronics, robotics and the latest in tech and craft. She is also an avid comic and graphic novel enthusiast who enjoys drawing. She has used these skills for her work with Tech Shop and Make Magazine and has now moved on to exhibit them at GoogleX! Emily will be speaking about creative thinking and problem solving in education. Using art and other creative means to teach/learn electronics and technology.

Justin Chizer (Microsoft)

I am born and raised in San Rafael, CA. I am a transfer student from College of Marin and currently a senior at UCSC studying Computer Engineering. I worked at Microsoft for 3 and a half years (As a Product Advisor at the retail store and as a Summer Technical Evangelist Intern). I am currently the UCSC Microsoft Student Partner. Lastly I’m huge SF Giants fan! I’m going to discuss the basics of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) which gives the developer an easy way to develop Windows 10 apps compatible across all Windows 10 devices including the HoloLens.

Julian Hartline (HOhmBody)

Born in Hawaii, Julian Hartline earned his degree in Computer Science in Chicago before moving to the technology oasis of Silicon Valley. Working a software job for 5 years, he eventually left his company to co-create Reflowster, a Kickstarter-funded and maker-oriented reflow soldering oven. After making 150% of its $10k funding goal, the Reflowster team delivered in only 8 months, preempting their predicted delivery date. Following successful delivery, Julian oversaw Reflowster's continued manufacturing and sales including engaging a manufacturer to assemble Reflowsters and starting up the Reflowster web store. With Reflowster running smoothly, Julian turned his attentions to Flickerstrip. Born out of a passion for smarthome gadgets and inspired by the next generation of neopixel art, Flickerstrip is the first pattern-capable LED strip available to the consumer market. Flickerstrip aims to make the LED art accessible to everyone and no longer limited to programmers and tinkerers. With Flickerstrip, anyone can bring their creativity to light. Flickerstrip is on track for an on-time delivery in December 2016. More info on Flickerstrip can be found at https://hohmbody.com/flickerstrip/ Personal page at http://www.julianhartline.com/

John Murray (Seebright)

Co-Founder/CTO at Seebright Seebright is developing an affordable way to develop mixed and augmented reality content and applications. It's developer kit includes the Seebright Ripple, called the Google Cardboard for AR. Seebright has several internships available for talented undergraduates with a desire to get experience in a new industry, specifically those with coursework in software engineering, web development and testing. Contact CTO and co-founder John Murray with an expression of interest and a resume.

Matt Thrailkil (Google)

Computer Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer at Google

Robert Hero (NVIDIA)

Senior Software Architect at NVIDIA