Giving Day March 8, Fundraising for the Hack-y-thon!

We're participating in Giving Day 2017! UCSC Giving Day is a 24-hour campus-wide crowdfunding campaign for over 150 different projects on campus. Support UCSC IEEE’s Hack-y-thon by through our donation page: Giving Day Hack-y-thon

UCSC IEEE is a dedicated group of young engineers from a range of disciplines who come together to provide talks and workshops to enrich the education they receive here at UCSC.

Your donation will allow us to give participants a chance to work with parts they have never seen before and may not be able to afford on their own. With every donation we are able to allow more students from all disciplines to participate and learn together in a collaborative and fun-spirited competition.

Thank you for supporting the Hack-y-thon!
#hackython #Give2UCSC

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