Join the IEEE Student Organization

It is absolutely free to attend every one of our member meetings!

We also have officer meetings every Monday from 7:30 to 8:30 so please feel free to participate in those where you can voice your concerns or share ideas that you have with us!

How To the IEEE Parent Organization

  1. Register online HERE
  2. Select "Student Membership" and then click Begin join process
  4. Include your referrer if any because they will receive a reduced renewal fee
  5. Fill out the form below

The cost to join depends on your region. In the US, students must pay $32 to join, and memberships must be renewed yearly. If you join between the 1st of March and the 15th of August, you will only be charged at the half-year rate ($16 for US students).


Why Join?

  • Membership in the largest engineering professional organization in the world
    • Networking
    • Information about jobs and internships
    • Resume item
  • Free access to the Undergraduate Hardware Lab (UHL) in Baskin 140
    • EE tools, including scopes, meters, power supplier, soldering irons, and more
    • Other tools, including wrenches, screwdrivers, etc
    • Tons of spare parts and old devices to strip
  • Guidance from senior members
    • Insider information about majors
    • Advice about classes and professors
  • Access to the IEEE room (Jack Baskin 228)
    • Refrigerators
    • Appliances for heating/cooking food
    • Couches for relaxing, homework, and napping
  • Textbook library
    • Large selection of course textbooks free to use
    • Sell us old textbooks for a fair price

Officer Elections

You don't have to be an active member to participate in the annual officer elections. The elections are usually held in the Spring, and will be announced over the UCSC IEEE member mailing list. If you are interested in running for a particular position you should contact the officer that currently holds that position for more information.



Officers hold weekly meetings to discuss issues relating to our organization. Sign up for our newsletter, rss feeds, or just keep an eye on the News and Events pages to learn when and where our meetings will occur. You will have a chance to hear from guest speakers, and talk with other members. We are located in Baskin Engineering, room 228.

How to join

You can register online here. Select Student Membership and and click Begin join process. We are listed as "CALIFORNIA UNIVERSITY OF-SANTA CRUZ". Remember to mention anyone who referred you in your application; they will receive a reduced renewal fee.