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Sabrina Sedell, Co-Chair, Senior.

I’m studying Robotics Engineering set to graduate in June 2018. My passion for robotics began with Star Wars' R2D2, who seemed magical to me as a little kid. I was enchanted by the prospect of such an incredible robot that helped humans accomplish critical tasks. I transferred from City College of San Francisco, where I was first introduced to IEEE. I wanted to commit to our group and applied for this position in Spring 2016. As outreach officer I encouraged involvement with groups outside of our own, like UCSC professors and faculty, students, and professionals. I also run our Facebook page and group to connect with our students. As vice-chair I continue to build relationships and help develop events that enrich and engage our members with new experiences. I attended my first professional conference through IEEE and was hooked. IEEE UCSC decided to host our own student conference, Technologies of Today and Tomorrow Student Conference held in Fall 2016. I spearheaded the project and was instrumental in planning and laying the groundwork for this event. I have a strong desire to work in industry, ideally with a company that creates a product that directly helps people or animals. I love cats.

Ivonne Fajardo, Co-Chair, Senior

I am a Robotics Engineering major set to graduate in June 2018. I fell in love with physics and mathematics in high school, and was lucky enough to have a teacher introduce me to tinkering, manufacturing, and the engineering profession. After taking the lower division classes for mechanical, electrical and computer engineering, I decided Robotics Engineering was a beautiful and effective marriage of these different disciplines. I joined IEEE when I began attending UCSC in 2015 because of the leadership’s passion, and all of the amazing resources IEEE has to offer. I have been fortunate enough to attend several conferences, meet inspiring professional mentors, and participate in helping our chapter flourish and complete wonderful projects. Outside of school I love to play rugby and soccer, weight lift, read, and bake!

Rohit Falor, Webmaster, Junior

I'm a junior majoring in Computer Science at UCSC. I was drawn to IEEE by cool projects such as Micromouse that leverage the intersection of hardware and software and an amazing officer team. I hope to better understand concepts such as IoT, personal branding and event planning, and smart software. On the side I enjoy photography, recreational investing, and cool productivity hacks.

Andrea Kudsk, Secretary, Junior

Hi! Call me Andi. I’m a 3rd year Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology major with a specific interest in genetic engineering. Biology has always had a special place in my heart (literally and figuratively, haha) ever since Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus first took me on a tour of the human body. Life sciences have never ceased to amaze me, and I hope to one day help find new understanding for the code responsible for programming our beings-- DNA. I’m originally from Berkeley, CA, and some of my interests include hiking, cars, small fuzzy animals, and industrial arts. While not having a major specifically related to electrical engineering, I still enjoy being a part of IEEE because I love to make really cool stuff and I like keeping up with cutting edge technologies. UCSC IEEE also provides an engaging, educational space where I can hang out with people who share my interests and aren’t afraid to have a little fun. As Secretary, I take notes for our meetings, help create and edit club documents, and do any other odds and ends the club might need. Feel free to let me know if you ever need anything, or just want to talk science stuff!

Aaron Diep, 3D Printing Guru, Junior

I am a second-year proposed Robotics Engineering major who is excited to take up new opportunities to learn new skills and to teach others those same skills. Coming into UCSC from a high-school robotics program (FIRST Robotics), the Robotics Engineering program is a continuation of a hands-on interdisciplinary education from the software perspective to the hardware perspective to the actual hands-on experience of putting it all together. As 3D Printing Guru, I run and maintain UCSC IEEE’s Ultimaker Original 3D Printer. UCSC IEEE runs a 3D Printing service for students, faculty, and local makers which allows us to share the creative possibilities of additive manufacturing and also increase engagement with our local community. As an aspiring engineer, UCSC IEEE is an awesome opportunity to network with those who have similar, but also different interests and focuses.

Nicholas Sandoval, Outreach Officer, Senior:

I’m a robotic engineering senior and a member of IEEE since the Fall of 2016. I’ve always had passion for electronics and been interested in robots–mainly cause robots are cool. I was a music major originally at Reedley Community College in Reedley, CA, then I was a computer science major for about a week until I found out about engineering. Fast-forward two years and I’ve graduated from Reedley with a Associates degree in Computer Science and an acceptance to the robotic engineering program at University of California, Santa Cruz. With one year down and two more to go, I’m considering going for a masters degree in computer engineering, geared toward machine learning. Othan studying and helping with IEEE activities I like playing video games and watching TV shows and movies with friends.