Historical Officer Listings 

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Juan Ayala, Chair, Senior

Greetings!! My name is Juan Ayala and I am an Electrical Engineering major. Being able to create things has always been an interest of mine since I was young. It was more of an interest and nothing more. However, in senior year, I decided to join my school’s robotics team and that was where my electronics interest became a hobby. Since then I’ve been creating my own electronics, learning and making, but mostly failing. There are times when it works and it feels like heaven. I am the Secretary for the IEEE Chapter which means I will be taking notes on our meetings, keeping all forms of records, and completing all side tasks IEEE can conjure up. I joined IEEE because I wanted to help spread the great resources IEEE has to offer to students. Some hobbies of mine are swimming and playing board games.

Vaishnavi Dornadula, Vice Chair, Junior

I’m a junior studying Robotics Engineering (minor in Electrical Engineering). I joined IEEE in fall 2017 because the organization was a great place to get hands-on engineering experience and meet people who shared my interests. I’m excited to be studying robotics engineering because I enjoy working with my hands and am very interested in innovation. I am an undergraduate researcher in the DANSER Lab where I work on the mechanical team of a tensegrity inspired robot leg, designing parts on CAD software and learning about the intersection between mechanical and electrical engineering. I am looking forward to an incredible undergraduate experience filled with learning, tinkering, and exploring. Some of my hobbies include dancing, singing, 3D Printing, watching Disney movies, and building things.


Todd Nabonne, Treasurer, Senior

I am a Senior Bioengineering major at UCSC. In high school mathematics, chemistry, and physics intrigued me, but I never took any opportunities to apply these concepts. I was fortunate to have a teacher introduce me to drafting and 3D printing, pushing me towards engineering. Engineering interests me because it allows us to convert the theories we've learned into fascinating tools used to help people. I chose Bioengineering as it combines many of the interests I acquired in high school. I am not the most experienced and I have a lot to learn. I joined IEEE to take part in the awesome resource and to help support the resource with what experience I do have. I enjoy spending my free time playing video games with friends and cooking.

Merlin Gunn-Cicero, Neonate, Senior

I am a Senior majoring in Robotics Engineering, and a re-entry student with a background in automotive technology. I have been interested in technology and engineering my entire life, and my time spent at UCSC as a member of IEEE has helped me to explore and expand those interests, as well as share cool science with others! I am eager to improve myself and other aspiring engineers through my involvement with IEEE. In my spare time, I like to tinker with Arduinos, work on my car, hike, bike, and camp! I often try to come up with ways that I can use technology to augment these activities as well.


Linda Luu, 3D Printing Guru, Senior

 I’m a senior studying Computer Engineering with a concentration in Robotics and minor in Computer Science. My biggest interest is autonomous robots and machinery because I find it fascinating that humans have such impactful control over complex technology through programming. I love to work with my hands and I love being able to see my work come to life. I joined IEEE as a 3D Printing Guru because it was a wonderful opportunity for me to learn new skills and work with a team of passionate, challenge driven engineers. My goal in life is to help create at least one life-changing autonomous design. My hobbies include collecting miniature items or building miniature houses out of popsicle sticks.



Stephanie Hernandez Zaragoza, Secretary, Senior

I am a third-year transfer student majoring in Electrical Engineering. I always enjoyed math and physics and taking on a problem. Engineering to me is another set of problems and puzzles to be solved and these solutions go towards helping to make technological advances and bettering the lives of others. My goal after graduating would be to go into the biomedical field and work on designing prosthetics. I am excited to be part of IEEE and helping make things happen and I am very excited for what lies in the future for IEEE. Some of my hobbies include reading, hiking, and swimming.


Minh Hoang, UHL Liaison, Sophomore

My major is Computer Engineering. Five years ago, I was exposed to a really cool thing called a computer. I used to play a lot of video games on it, from Roblox to GTA. But then one day, I got bored of video games. Video games are so repetitive and so limited, so from then on, I started to explore the Internet with my personal computer. One day, while surfing on the net, I typed, “What fun things can I do with my computer?” on Google’s search bar. The first result that popped up was, “Computer programming.” I was so excited, because I learned that computer programming or coding allows me to create cool things on the computer, from making websites to building video games. That was when my journey with the computer and the technology started. IEEE has a workspace for fellow students, and it is the Fabrication Lab in the Baskin Building. As a Undergrad Hardware Lab Liaison, I want to let people who love to make stuff have access to this room, and I want to renovate this lab to be one of the coolest lab for students. The reason why I joined IEEE is because the organization fosters a community of hackers and makers who are passionate in innovating and creating wacky technologies, and I wanted to be part of it. Some of my hobbies are hacking and making electronic projects, going on adventures, singing Vietnamese songs, and playing all kinds of sports.