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Ivonne Fajardo, Co-Chair, Senior

I am a Robotics Engineering major set to graduate in June 2018. I fell in love with physics and mathematics in high school, and was lucky enough to have a teacher introduce me to tinkering, manufacturing, and the engineering profession. After taking the lower division classes for mechanical, electrical and computer engineering, I decided Robotics Engineering was a beautiful and effective marriage of these different disciplines. I joined IEEE when I began attending UCSC in 2015 because of the leadership’s passion, and all of the amazing resources IEEE has to offer. I have been fortunate enough to attend several conferences, meet inspiring professional mentors, and participate in helping our chapter flourish and complete wonderful projects. Outside of school I love to play rugby and soccer, weight lift, read, and bake!

Kevin Vivian, Co-Chair, Junior

I am an incoming junior majoring in mathematics complemented with a minor in computer science because I am infatuated with abstract nonsense. It was when I played my first video game as a child where I sparked my interest in technology and marveled at what it could do; I always wondered about what was going on under the hood and some household electronics may or may not have suffered a tragic fate in feeding that curiosity. My interests lie in fields such as data science and software development, where my mathematical and computer skills can amalgamate beautifully. Outside of the classroom, I am an avid musician and work my way around AV production software to write and record music and in true engineering fashion, tinker with my instruments for maintenance and tune-ups!

Aaron Diep, 3D Printing Guru, Junior

I am a second-year proposed Robotics Engineering major who is excited to take up new opportunities to learn new skills and to teach others those same skills. Coming into UCSC from a high-school robotics program (FIRST Robotics), the Robotics Engineering program is a continuation of a hands-on interdisciplinary education from the software perspective to the hardware perspective to the actual hands-on experience of putting it all together. As 3D Printing Guru, I run and maintain UCSC IEEE’s Ultimaker Original 3D Printer. UCSC IEEE runs a 3D Printing service for students, faculty, and local makers which allows us to share the creative possibilities of additive manufacturing and also increase engagement with our local community. As an aspiring engineer, UCSC IEEE is an awesome opportunity to network with those who have similar, but also different interests and focuses.

Rohit Falor, Webmaster, Junior

Hey there! I'm a junior majoring in Computer Science at UCSC. Programmer with panache, connoisseur of code - I go by many names! Very much the entertainer with an eye for visual flair, I like working in a fun and energetic environment, something exemplified by our amazing officer team. I was initially drawn to IEEE by cool projects such as Micromouse that leverage the intersection of hardware and softwar I hope to better understand concepts such as IoT, personal branding and event planning, and smart software. On the side I enjoy photography, recreational investing, and cool life hacks to accomplish more - that reminds me... I should really get started studying for that midterm!

Nicholas Sandoval, Vice Chair, Senior

I’m a robotic engineering senior and a member of IEEE since the Fall of 2016. I’ve always had passion for electronics and been interested in robots–mainly cause robots are cool. I was a music major originally at Reedley Community College in Reedley, CA, then I was a computer science major for about a week until I found out about engineering. Fast-forward two years and I’ve graduated from Reedley with a Associates degree in Computer Science and an acceptance to the robotic engineering program at University of California, Santa Cruz. With one year down and two more to go, I’m considering going for a masters degree in computer engineering, geared toward machine learning. Other than studying and helping with IEEE activities I like playing video games and watching TV shows and movies with friends.

Juan Ayala, Secretary, Sophomore

Greetings!! My name is Juan Ayala and I am an Electrical Engineering major. Being able to create things has always been an interest of mine since I was young. It was more of an interest and nothing more. However, in Senior, I decided to join my school’s robotics team and that was wear my electronics interest became a hobby. Since then I’ve been creating my on electronics, learning and making, but mostly failing. There are times when it works and it feels like heaven. I am the Secretary for the IEEE Chapter which means I will be taking notes on our meetings, keeping all forms of records, and completing all side tasks IEEE can conjure up. I joined IEEE because I wanted to help spread the great resources IEEE has to offer to students. Some hobbies of mine is swimming and playing board games.

Devin Riley, UHL Manager

I have recently grown a fascination with electronics and hardware in the last 7 or so years, having been surrounded by test equipment and such things my whole life, though I did not immediately realize it. After having spent my time meandering the classes of my junior college, I finally made the jump to study for an Electrical Engineering degree. I worked at the revered HSC Electronics in Santa Clara for a total of five years, whom I still have a good relationship with. From that experience I have gained what some find to be a profound knowledge of parts and technical skills. Applying this to the IEEE club at UCSC, I have taken up the mantle of managing the UHL which the club has control over, which hopefully we will be bringing more interesting equipment into in the coming year. I'm currently a Senior, and hope to break out into the electrical engineering field soon.

Zachary Moffatt, Outreach Officer, Junior

I am an incoming Junior majoring in Robotics Engineering. My drive for engineering comes from my love of the creative process and my desire to understand how things work and how we could make them better. Robotics is a particularly exciting field for me due to its multidisciplinary toolset and its wide reaching potentials. In particular I am interested in the fields of FPGAs, autonomous machines and bio-inspired design but I am still learning about new and exciting uses for what I am learning. Outside of IEEE I volunteer in the DANSER lab and you may find me at the Baskin advising desk where I work as a peer advisor. In my free time I enjoy reading, photography and tabletop games.

Riley Lewis, Outreach Officer