Hello Slugs!
The long awaited machine learning workshop is finally here! This weekend IEEE and ACM will join forces to host a two day introduction to machine learning with Python! This workshop is open to all skill levels, just bring your laptop and a a desire to learn one of the hottest new fields in computer science.

The workshop will run from 1-4pm on both days in the rooms below:
11/3/18 (Sat) will be in E2 180
11/4/18 (Sun) will be in E2 599

If you missed ACM’s Python workshop last week, here is the slide deck of the overview of machine learning

Here is the author’s Github page with all the necessary source code that we will go through

Here is the source material for the project that we will cover. Chapter 2 – Hands on ML

If you don’t already, try to have Python version 3.6+ installed. If you use the Anaconda Distribution, it will include all the libraries, etc that you will need.

In order to prepare yourself we highly recommend you take a look at this list of resources collected by ACM. Especially if you are not familiar with Python.

Python’s Getting Started straight from the real python website
Python 3.7 documentation More info about python 3, tutorials, references, how-tos, etc
Python 2 vs Python 3 An article about some differences between v2 and v3
Suuuuper long video on Python relatively new too. Starts from the very basics
YouTube Playlist more tutorials. Also starts from the basics (easier to watch than the long one)