The Mentorship program is a new initiative IEEE UCSC is starting this quarter. There are two sides to this program.

The first side is the Mentor whose responsibility is to advise Mentees in the program, and to attend a monthly dinner meeting to discuss what they have been doing, how the mentee benefited, and what could be improved. The mentor gets a few perks for their work. A few are listed below:

  • Graduation cord at the end of the year banquet
  • IEEE Event discounts (Hack-a-bot and TTT Conference)
  • Monthly Dinner Meeting Access
  • Free 3-D printed slug

The Mentee on the other hand gets advise from the mentor and attending the monthly dinner meetings. This advise depends on the mentee and hte mentor so this relationship varies from group to group.

To sign up as a mentor use this link

To sign up as a mentee use  this link

For more info use this link

If there are any questions feel free to email